Inkless Stretch Mark Revision (ISR)

Do you want to get your firm, smooth skin back where those stretch marks are?
Our friendly staff at our Gold Coast & Cairns clinics will help treat stretch marks and related scarring with this non-invasive cosmetic procedure known as Inkless Stretch Mark Revision (ISR).

Inkless Stretch Mark Revision

Inkless stretch mark revision (ISR) is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure used to revise stretch marks on the skin. Unlike traditional methods that use artificial pigments, ISR utilizes a special technique where high-quality healing serum and vitamins are injected into the skin to treat the stretch marks. This process is considered unique because it focuses on using skin-friendly substances to promote healing and improve the appearance of stretch marks.
By introducing a customized healing serum into the stretch marks, this technique promotes natural healing processes within the skin, resulting in improved tone, texture, and color of the treated area.

At the Cecilia Cole Clinic we take our clients vision and make it a reality.
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